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economy budget plan

Perfect for small business startups, limited budgets, or just to try us out.

$ 15 / month
  • 4 social media posts
  • 4 blog posts
  • 2 posts on Redstone Network

Booster Plan

Really get the ball rolling on social media, networking and traffic to your site.

$ 59 / month
  • 16 social media posts
  • 8 blog posts
  • 2 posts on Redstone Network
  • Email campaign


Taking the evil out of "necessary evil" in advertising

Group Ad Campaigns

Group advertising is so much cheaper than doing it all by yourself because you share the cost of the publishing with others.
Such as having your logo posted at the bottom of our online recipe book as a sponsor - which is very popular. Or participating in a  local sales flyer involving 10 or more businesses that can share the cost of printing it.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Email campaigns can be very inexpensive. Also social media ads can be effective if done right. 
Now digital display ads are becoming popular and landing pages created by a group or association you are involved in. Such as our Businesses for the Greater Good Association, in which we offer a free web page to all members and membership is free.

Media ads

Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, community publications, trade journals etc.
Due to the extreme competition from the internet, radio ads have come down in price considerably. Newspapers have taken the opposite approach and charge an arm and a leg for ads to make up for their loss in volume. It pays to shop around - which we will do for you to save you time and possibly wasting your money on a media that isn't effective for your type of  business.

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