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We make first impressions that last.
Printed products with your logo last a great deal longer than the 5 seconds somebody sees you on the internet or in a newspaper! Which makes printed
and promotional products a much wiser return on investment. 

Put your logo or design on just about anything.

If you don't see the product you are looking for in our store, you can browse our online catalogs for ideas or just ask us. We can order just about anything too.

put logo on products

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Apparel Printing

Apparel with your company logo will last from months to years. Advertise your business everywhere  you go. It's the last free advertising there is.

Business Products

Every business still needs them and we can beat the price of any print shop in the Wisconsin area.

Product Packaging

A product label or packaging is a refection of your business. Our 30 years of experience can help you come up with a design that best reflects your business image.

Event Items

 We can make banners, tablecloths, signs, vehicle decals, shopping bags, umbrellas and more for the big day. Please order at least 1 month before your event.

Printing Services & Turnaround Times

Hoodies, company jackets, hats, baseball caps, T shirts, polo shirts, scarves, custom shirts, windbreakers, sweatshirts etc. Use your own pre-purchased apparel or order it from us and get them printed or embroidered. Redstone uses a unique type of ink and printing process that is very durable, weatherproof, and fade resistant when cared for properly. To learn more about when you should print and when you should embroider a garment, see our blog. Normal turnaround time is usually 2 -3  weeks. Holidays will take longer.

Printed paper products - every business needs them: Product labels, product packaging, business cards, coupons, gift certificates, flyers, newsletters, brochures, letterhead, direct mail products, post cards, Christmas cards, shopping bags, etc. Don't have a logo or label design? No problem, we can create one for you. Turnaround time on business products varies depending on the size of the order. We can do say, 500 labels in 2-3 days, but a booklet, or anything with binding, will take a minimum of 5-7 days for 200 or less. It's best to ask us about turnaround times on your order to get an accurate estimate.

Signs, vehicle decals, window decals, banners, printed tablecloths for trade shows, events or farmer's markets, in-store signs and POP displays, anything you need to display. Then there's also promotional products to use to promote your business, such as promotional give-aways, corporate gifts, drinkware, coffee mugs, notepads, USB drives, tote bags, etc. that we can print your logo or event design on.  See our Promotional Products section for just a few things we can print on. Turnaround on promotional product printing is a minimum of 14 business days.

Vehicle Decals and Wraps

vehicle decals and wraps

Embroidery or Printing?

Vehicle decals and wraps are one of the best advertising return-on-investment products available. They can turn your business vehicles into roaming billboards; and with their increasing popularity, decal materials are evolving to offer more creativity and endurance, so why not take advantage of this inexpensive and very effective form of promotion. Read more below or contact us for a quote.

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Polo Shirt Buying Guide 

polo shirt fabrics

Do you know about Dry Weave, pique, wicking and the vaious types of fabrics and which ones are good for reducing sweat stains, are more breathable, lightweight, durable etc? No, of course not. You would have to be in the fabric industry to keep up with all the many types of clothing fabric these days. That's why we wrote a polo shirt buying guide that lists all the different polo shirt fabrics and what their pros and cons are.

A MUST-READ before you buy a polo shirt or any business clothing.

It could save you money in the long run by not purchasing the wrong fabric for your needs.

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Embroidery vs printing on clothing

We can put your business logo on just about anything either with embroidered designs or printed designs. Which is better?

It depends a great deal on how much you want to spend, the type of apparel, and how long you want the design to last. For instance...

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