Print Design

Also known as print or promotional collateral; every business needs it. From order forms, to brochures, to shopping bags, you cannot run a business without promotional products even in their most basic sense. At the very least, you will probably need a business card, and perhaps some customized order forms, a logo, or store signs and POP display materials.

Print collateral encompasses not just the bare bones of what a business needs to put its name out there, but also ads for newspapers or magazines, shopping bags, labels, order forms, letterhead, envelopes, newsletters, coupons, gift certificates, sales specials flyers and anything that is printed for business use. That’s a lot of stuff! And your business cannot function without it.

But first things first. Before spending a lot of money on printed business materials, be 100% sure your are happy with your logo; because it will be on everything! Does it give off the image you really think it does? And what about its use in branding? There are a few preliminary elements to consider if you are a new business just starting to think about what you will need in the way of promotional collateral. Another key element is…do you have “company colors” or do you want to have? Whatever colors are used in your logo should also be used throughout your promotional materials to give your collateral continuity and contribute to your company’s branding.

Don’t worry. Redstone does all of that for you if you want. We can design an entire print collateral package or “Corporate Identity Package,” or just the individual pieces you need as you need them. Just let us know if there is a certain style you have seen that you like, or, we can also create a “look” for your company.

If you are an established business, perhaps you are looking to change your image to compete in your market better, or your promotional needs have changed.

So, now you can see, there is a lot more thought and design consideration that goes into a printed piece of paper than meets the eye.