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Your logo will represent your company for many years to come, and possibly, for its lifetime. Therefore, logo design is not to be taken lightly or thrown together by an amateur. A logo does more than advertise your company name. A logo reflects the image a company wants to portray of itself to the public and it must do so in a positive, effective way. A bad logo will cause you to lose business for many reasons.

Interior Designer's logoFor instance, I used to design a great deal of promotional collateral for a hardwood flooring company, and in so doing, I spent a great deal of time researching what their competition was up to.
Another flooring company in the area had as their logo a cartoon drawing of a girl in red pigtails using a floor sander. Needless to say, it made them look very immature and extremely unprofessional, and as a joke in the flooring industry. It was interesting that after it changed ownership, the first thing the new owner did was change the logo. As a designer, every time I saw that logo I could not believe anyone would even consider it let alone not have a clue as to how it really reflected on their company. They were the laughing stock of the flooring industry in our area.

Construction logo designSo….before you damage your reputation, your image, your branding and your future business potential, first and foremost hire someone who is not going to damage your business before it even gets going. It’s very difficult to reverse a bad image, and much easier to make sure it is done right the first time. A qualified logo designer knows how an image will reflect and be interpreted in your marketplace and industry. Because all business owners are biased and cannot be objective toward their own company, they often make irreversible mistakes in trying to market it themselves and due more harm than good. It is not worth saving a couple extra bucks by doing it yourself when it comes to logo design. As I started out saying, your logo will reflect on your company – either in a positive or negative way – for many years to come.

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