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The #1 rule of advertising 101: "First you have to get their attention."

Your website is often your first impression for many potential customers. As the quote on our home page reads, "84% of the first impression a potential customer gets from your website is design."
The problem with today's websites is that, because of DIY website programs that have to use templates, they all look the same. Standing out from the crowd is the only thing that will get you noticed and remembered. The #1 rule of advertising 101 is to "first get their attention", because if you don't, nothing you do after that will matter because they won't see it.

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Because we have over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry and copy writing, we can write professional blogs for you and content-rich interior or landing pages. It's not just about a pretty site, it's about driving traffic first and foremost. Image design is only 50% of a website.

web animation

Interactive, dynamic, mobile-friendly Web Pages.

See live special effectS home page

Do you even know what Bootstrap is? And no, it is not something that holds up your boots.

The awesome thing about being a web designer today is that in the last 5 -10 years, there has been tremendous development in digital special effects. To see a really fun site loaded with effects, click the link above.
Special effects include sliders, animations (now called cinemagraphs), fades, pop-outs, pop-ups ...anything that makes our site "dynamic" is going to be interesting and fun for your visitors. Which makes you a bit more memorable.
See "Cool Dog" in action.

Logo Design, branding


Very few business owners these days think about branding - which is your business image or personality,
or the impression consumers get when they look at your website, storefront, product labels, logo etc.
They also don't take their logos or websites seriously when they use generic
designs downloaded from the web that hundreds of thousands of other people are using too.
A good graphic designer considers all the marketing and advertising
angles before they even start a design - 
that is what makes them different from a fine artist -  
graphic design has to work for a living.

GRAphic Design

A lot of graphic designers know how to build a design, but they don't know how to make it function.
With all of today's do-it-yourself design programs out there, everybody thinks they are a graphic designer, or, they don't need a graphic designer.
Because we have over 30 years in the printing, publishing and advertising industry, we KNOW what it takes to make an ad, or graphic, or website produce results.

If your graphic design isn't working for you, then what's the point? It's just a pretty picture and those are a dime a dozen. A pretty picture is not going to drive traffic to your website or store, get your customers to jump into action, or portray the company image and reputation you want. All of those things take someone who has experience designing for advertising...for years... and knows what works with consumers and what doesn't. It's not rocket science...but it is a skill not many today can master.

Advertising Design

Advertising and Advertising Design are not the same thing. It takes a tremendous effort to be noticed in print advertising. This was true way before the onset of people being inundated with online advertising  In today's mass media social world, it is often design that makes the difference between an ad that works and one that gets lost among billions on the web.

Product Packaging

Product labels and packaging are almost as important as your logo. They need to reflect your business image, stand out on a shelf full of your competitors and be appealing enough to make consumers buy them the moment they see them. This all takes a skill,  a gift, even among product packaging designers; and we have been doing it for years.

Custom Graphics & Logos

Customized graphic designs and logos are what will be remembered on your products, website and advertising. Not the same old generic thing everybody sees everywhere else. Creating  an IMAGE people will remember and associate with your business is what makes or breaks a company on the internet these days. The new catch phrase for this is called branding

design can make all the difference

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