Redstone offers marketing services to small businesses because we know your time is better spent doing what you do best, and your business is better letting us do what we do best.
Marketing, promotion and design is a full time job in itself. This is why corporations have their own marketing departments. But Redstone also knows small business owners can't afford their own marketing team to sit around all day on social media or email campaigns or write digital content. Plus, a small business may only need occasional digital content and therefore hiring someone full time to spend one hour a week on social media is not cost-effective.

A good content writer and designer will not only make your business look good, they often will pay for themselves in as little as one month.
Businesses are realizing the importance of quality, professional website content in staying competitive in the marketplace. Establishing a brand and identity for yourself in an online market that is literally flooded with useless garbage, scams and amateur want-a-bees is a daily challenge and a necessity that requires real skill. 
So if  you could have your own part-time, on-demand marketing department at your disposal any time you needed them: would you do it? The answer should be, "why wouldn't you do it?"

 Blogs, newsletters, social media posts, articles, Ecommerce product descriptions, and website content have become the mainstay media forms for advertising these days. Business owners are realizing that not only do they not have the time or expertise to effectively write and design themselves, they have learned that in the internet world, content, branding and image are what makes or breaks a business's online success and that skimping in this area of your business is suicide. 

Website Content

You may have a "pretty" website, but does it function? Does it generate sales, new leads, capture potential and current customers? It takes years and years of marketing research, knowing how to read analytics, market evaluation and monitoring to master the skill of effective website design. A website that "works" and doesn't just sit there and look pretty. It takes knowing how to write good content to not just to please your visitors but search engines as well. SEO, branding, fickle audiences - every word plays a role.

Blogging, Articles

Blogs can benefit a website but only if done right. You want a blog that is an asset to your website and business, it must be professional or viewers will not read it let alone follow it. 97% of website viewers will only read your blog the first time they visit your site. They will not "follow" it unless its worthy of following.
We all know from surfing the web, that there are literally billions of blogs our there and very few that are worth reading.

Social Media

By now, we all know the role social media is currently playing in our lives. A business cannot exist without a social media presence and expect to stay competitive against their competition. However, very few people know how to use social media effectively. That's because, once again, you need to know marketing and advertising to know how to "work it" on social media.

Product Descriptions

Not glamorous by any means but a vital necessity for any Ecommerce site is product descriptions. Of the literally billions upon billions of products online today, how will yours stand out and get action?

We are your: Part-time, one-time, any-time writer or Designer, at your disposal.

So you've determined your business would benefit from a professional Marketing Content Specialist, but who can afford that? Only the biggest corporations can afford their own in-house writer to do nothing but sit around and write all day. And only corporations may have enough work for such a full or part time on-staff person. That leaves small business owners with 2 choices: 1.) Try and write for themselves, and who has that kind of time? 2.) Go without, but then how do you stay competitive against the big guys who have all the staff and tricks to sink your ship? 

With Redstone Promotional Communications, we are on stand-by to inhance your content, maintain your blog, write a one-time infomercial or informative article, design, write and deliver your annual newsletter or anything you need.....any time you need it. Be it once a year, once a month, once a week, yearly or per project, we ARE your in-house Marketing Communications Specialist. Hire us only as you need. You don't have to pay our health insurance, our vacation pay, or our regular yearly salary. 

Tell us about your project and we will quote you a price. And ....get 50% your first project cost. And....if we don't increase traffic to your website or business, it's on us. You don't have to pay a thing unless you get results. And how do you know if you are getting results. We will also provide you with outside analysis such as from Google. Facebook, or your webiste hosting company.

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Content writing that will give you results. Guaranteed. 


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