Construction Marketing Communications

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I’ve worked directly in the construction industry as a successful construction business owner for over 23 years and as a Marketing Expert for a commercial construction firm. So I know what your needs are and how to market you.

 “Need Construction Labor?”

Is the current construction labor shortage affecting your company? Turning down jobs because you don’t have the manpower to accept what is coming through your door? You need a leg-up on your competition. There are ways to increase the chances a potential employee will select your construction firm over your competition. It’s a matter of knowing how, and Redstone has over 30 years of experience in knowing how to be the most effective for your particular business.

Maybe jobs aren’t coming to you as often as you would like. Even if they are; will it last?

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The construction industry has always been extremely competitive. Those that can’t compete quickly fall behind and drop out of existence. Those that can stay competitive are usually too busy to do their own marketing yet they know that there is always another competitor who will take the jobs they can’t. I’ve seen some of the most confident construction firms fail to realize that their competition kept growing while they did not, until one day, they feel the heat of them knocking on their back door. It doesn’t take long to get blown away by the competition if they have a few advantages you don’t. Keeping up with the latest market research, trends, gimmicks, tools and techniques is imperative to staying in business. Just because your firm may have been in the family for generations, or around for years, doesn’t mean that will always be the case. I’ve seen it happen. Your biggest competitor is the one that knows how to roll with the changes and keep up with the times.

General Contractors,

“How did your last 5 RFP interviews go?” Did you even get to the interview stage?”  If so, did your competition beat you out once again?

Services Redstone Offers Construction Companies:

Inbound Marketing, Increasing Brand Awareness, Website design, development, maintenance, monitoring, SEO updating, social media maintenance and content writing. Today’s internet is all about content, content, content. And if you think your type of business doesn’t need internet or a digital media presence, that is your first marketing mistake. Even commercial Business to Business construction clients do their research on the internet before they contact construction firms for RFPs. Oh yes they do. The last commercial construction firm I worked for believed they didn’t need a website, social media, digital marketing etc. Well guess what? They are currently losing a great deal of business to their stiffest competition: a firm that utilizes all the avenues they thought weren’t necessary or didn’t apply to the construction industry. Look at the biggest and best construction firms and they all have amazing-looking professional websites and they use them to their advantage. We live in a digital age, and the biggest mistake a construction firm can make is to think that their customers are not using digital media to do their research before they build. COME ON! EVERYBODY DOES. The internet is first and foremost used by everybody to do preliminary research before they buy something.

I proved this construction firm wrong in less than a month just by doing a little SEO on their website – which had been sitting there doing nothing for them because it was never managed. AT ALL!  It was built, and basically just sitting there, because whoever built it never did any of the SEO for it. So basically it was just dead in the water. And yes, was doing nothing for them. Within 1 week of Redstone just doing a little SEO on their site,  they were getting hits on their career page they never had before. Within 3 weeks , they got a request from a local hospital administrator requesting a bid for a renovation and addition project. It was so difficult not to say, “I told you so.” But all I had to do was let the results do it for me.

Publishing / Printing – of marketing materials such as newsletters (online and print), brochures, business cards, logos, RFP responses, safety manuals, school referendum materials and other internal documentation / publications. I have also done client project books (hardbound) that construction companies present to their clients when the job is complete that gives a timeline of the project using my photography of their project in every phase. Not only do the clients love it, it is a lasting advertising collateral piece for your firm. And if they ever need renovations, additions or repair work, they aren’t as likely to forget you when your book is hanging around their office or premises for years to come.

  Photography. I will photograph your sites at any phase you need from groundbreaking to grand opening ceremony. I use either video, still shots or drone depending on what is required. Before and After photos, send photos to corporate clients who request documentation of site progress, Professional finished photography for your marketing materials, night shots, real estate shots.

Marketing – You know construction, that doesn’t mean you know, or have time, to be a marketing expert too. In fact, I have rarely ever run into a construction firm that knows how to effectively market themselves to clients or to get employees while experiencing the labor shortage currently facing them. Also, I guarantee I am more effective at marketing than you are. Why? Because I do it for a living and have for over 30 years. I would not attempt to build a house myself, because I know that is something that is best left to someone who knows what they are doing.

Presentations: Powerpoint presentations, wire bound professional RFP responses, Letters of Interest, Proposals, anything  you need a professional, effective edge on.

Services I offer General Contractors.


Site logistics, site phasing diagrams in color. I do color-coded site logistics and phasing printouts for your construction clients. (photo) Clients like to see very distinct, organized and clearly precise layouts of their million dollar projects. It gives them a bit more confidence that they understand exactly what it is that you are going to be doing and when.

• Powerpoint presentations, wire bound professional RFP responses, Letters of Interest, Proposals.

Market Research. I will always know what your competition is up to, your industry, your target market and the latest in marketing and communication tools and techniques. You don’t have time to analyze the market, get advertising analytics and learn the constantly -changing marketing and communication tools. One day it’s print, the next day everything is digital. How did that happen?


Marketing Qualifications:

– 30 years in every aspect of the advertising and marketing industries.

– Proven track record

– If you don’t prosper, I don’t prosper.

– 24 years of hands-on construction experience means I can address your marketing needs specifically and accurately.

– If you don’t see results, you can always cancel service at any time.

How I Work:

It’s not rocket science. If you want professional results, you hire a professional. With my services you can cancel at any time if not satisfied with the results you are getting. There’s no obligation and I charge on a  project by project basis. You only pay for what you need at the time. No paying a marketing assistant or employee thousands of dollars to sit around most of the time waiting for a marketing project to come across their desk.  In addition, with the construction labor shortage, companies are having to pay top dollar to acquire and keep construction workers. The money you would be paying for a full time marketing communications expert to be on your payroll for maybe 5-6 marketing projects per year could go where it is really needed: toward the labor to actually do the jobs you are bidding on.

The construction industry has always been extremely competitive. That hasn’t changed and is not likely to. Why not improve your chances of staying at, or getting to, the top of that heap? Especially if it won’t cost you a full time salary, time interviewing marketing employees, or anything above and beyond just receiving a professional, effective marketing communications project when you need one. Seems like a no-brainer.