We specialize in marketing for construction companies. With over 30 years of construction experience – as previous owners of a construction company for over 23 years and experience as a marketing agency for small and large-scale commercial construction companies – we know the lingo and marketing requirements for your construction business and how to effectively market you. The competition in the construction industry is fierce right now and today’s market requires construction companies to get serious about their marketing, branding and digital media presence. The construction industry has been able to skate by on the bare minimum of marketing and digital technology for years, but with more growth in the industry comes more competition, and that competition is not just sitting there waiting for the jobs to come to them anymore. They are going out and getting them.

Construction clients have more companies to choose from, and let’s be honest, 99% of those companies can perform their job site tasks just as well as you can and build a building the same way you do. When I see construction companies submitting RFP responses, they all say the same thing: that they are the best at staying on budget, on schedule and delivering the best work. Well, if you are the client looking at 3 construction companies that made the shortlist, and they are all saying the same thing about themselves, how do you pick one and based on what?

That brings us to the answer, which is presentation, presentation, presentation. The company that looks the most professional usually wins. Construction clients want the contractor or builder they can trust the most if all other factors are equal during the bidding process. And professionalism leads to trust. If you look professional, sound professional, and know which buttons to push, your construction company will get the jobs more often than your competition whos is not as well prepared during the presentation process. Think about it. When faced with 3 products of equal value, how do you choose the one to purchase? You want the best value for your money, which they all offer, so then you go with the product you feel you can trust the most.

construction marketing agency

Construction Marketing Expertise in:

  • RFP Responses
  • Presentation materials using Powerpoint/Keynote
  • Client Marketing Support, such as Education Referendum Materials for your school clients if you offer referendum consulting/guidance services or want to.
  • In-house training videos/marketing videos
  • Industry-specific print/digital collateral, such as brochures, project books etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Job site signage
  • Vehicle decals
  • Branding materials and strategy
  • Jobsite photography and drone photography