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What is Branding and how should it be used to be effective, positive and correct. Redstone Promotional Communications knows all the current branding strategies: what works and what doesn’t to benefit your type of business and customer.

What is Promotional Communication

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Promotion is a Type of Communication Between Buyer and Seller.

Its goal is to make people aware of a product, service or company. Promotion is also used in branding, to establish a business or product in the marketplace, develop and maintain a certain image: hopefully a positive image and not a negative one. This is why it’s important to know what you are doing in promotions and communications.

Promotional Communication

Promotional Communication is the process of transmitting the information regarding the products / services and the company to that company’s target market. The purpose of this communication is to create a positive attitude in the potential customer’s perception and convince them to purchase the company’s products and not the competitors’.

The purchasing decision process follows these stages:

  • The cognitive stage – “Learn about the product / company
  • The affective stage – “Feel. What is the accurate target audience perception of the product/company
  • The behavioral stage – “Do

Marketing Communication:

Marketing communication includes all the messages, media, and activities used by an organization to communicate with the market and help persuade target audiences to accept its messages and take action accordingly.

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is the the process of coordinating all this activity across different communication methods. Note that a central theme of this definition is persuasion: persuading people to believe something, to desire something, and/or to do something. Effective marketing communication is goal directed, and it is aligned with an organization’s marketing strategy. It aims to deliver a particular message to a specific audience with a targeted purpose of altering perceptions and/or behavior. IMC makes this marketing activity more efficient and effective because it relies on multiple communication methods and customer touch points to deliver a consistent message in more ways and in more compelling ways.

Promotional Communications Includes the following tools and methods:

  • Images – photography, video, graphics
  • Various advertising tools such as direct mail, social media, print, radio, digital, internet
  • Content Writing – for websites, social media, adverting design, print collateral
  • Marketing Strategy – market research of target audience, demographics, analysis of goal,

All of the above tools are used to implement the marketing goal or strategy and achieve the desired results or company image: Branding. Promotional Communications is IMC but to a greater degree because Redstone Promotional Communications handles every aspect of marketing from images to final product.

Corporate Presentation Design

powerpoint presentation

Video Presentations or Animated Presentations.

Whether you need video presentations – such as PowerPoint or slideshows – or maybe you are looking for something a little different, such as a Flipbook to put on your Facebook page or website, animated design is our specialty.

You can see two samples of such presentations to the right of the page. Just click on the video button to play the top video. The flipbook is setup to autoplay, which can also be done with any video or PowerPoint presentation.

The sky is the limit when it comes to presentation design. There are so many design features we can incorporate to make sure your presentation is customized to your needs, is entertaining and does not make your audience yawn, and gets your message across loud and clear.

Adding Audio to Presentations.

Audio can be added to any presentation as well. Maybe you would like a little background music, or a narrator, or your very own custom sound. If it is recorded, we can put it into your presentation.

Content Writing.

Of course, a powerful presentation is about more than just the visual elements. The images must work hand in hand with effective content writing to drive your point home clearly and precisely. We also specialize in content – what should be used, what shouldn’t be used, and why.


If your presentation is all about how awesome your company is; then you want a designer who knows all about branding: How to use certain presentation elements that will create a lasting impression with your audience and “brand” your company into their minds.

Which presentation tool you chose is mostly determined by how you are going to use it.

  • How you are trying to reach your viewing audience? Online? Facebook? Corporate meeting?
  • Which avenue gets your message across the most effectively? All the bells and whistles in the world won’t do you much good if it falls on deaf ears because you are using the wrong tool for the audience you are trying to reach.
  • Who is your audience? Really?  Do you know what is really the most effective way to reach your target audience? Or are you just guessing, or going with what everyone else is doing these days. Having some market research knowledge when it comes to design is a big plus. And guess what? Redstone does their homework when it comes to analyzing markets in order to design effective tools for your business.