School Artware Fundraising Project.


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2girlstoteBack to School already?

Yes, it’s that time already. We are welcoming this year’s back to school hoopla however,  because of our School Artware Fundraising Project or SAF. We will be contacting teachers this fall after the new school year starts and offering this exciting new project by Redstone to help schools raise funds.

As part of our desire to give back to the community and show that art is still a valuable part of our economic society and a viable career even though art classes have been cut from most school curriculums, Redstone has established a promotional art fundraising project whereby teachers and classes can raise money for school trips, class projects, choir concerts, sports teams and equipment, drama shows, supplies, whatever you may need, or simply to use SAF as an entrepreneurial lesson.

The fun part about our SAF project is that the students create their own artwork while learning valuable entrepreneurial skills and then we take their creations and apply it to promotional products they can sell to raise money.

cityTStudents and parents are always elated and proud to see student art on functional, profitable items they can show off for a long time, such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, notebooks, jackets, hats, hoodies, can coolers, and almost anything they can think of. Our project allows them to experience how creativity can be used in the marketplace and applied to business, as well as gives them the rewarding experience of creating something completely unique themselves and giving it lucrative, positive value. In this way, we are keeping the value of the arts alive by showing students that art does have some business usefulness and applications in our society and that without artistic creativity, certain products cannot be produced. In recent research studies, it has been expressed by employers that what is lacking the most with today’s job candidates is creativity. Even technology requires a certain amount of product creativity and design. This is our way of teaching the younger generation that art still has economic value even though our educational system is trying to teach them otherwise.

What could be more creative or meaningful than having your class create their own art and then seeing it printed on various items they can sell to raise money for school shows, trips or events?

lioncupwtextWe know teachers have very little time, so we can even get your school or class set up with a an online fundraising webpage and take care of all the ordering and sales for your class’s fundraising items for you. We can do as little or as much as you need in setting up your SAF project.

To see more creative student artware and get more info, please go to our Student Artware Page.

If you would like to set up an SAF project for your class, please contact us either by email with the link below, or call us directly and we will be happy to take care of the details.

Contact us with your project ideas and get a free quote with school discount: 970-624-7066.

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