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Is your website mobile-compliant?

Last year Google announced that any website that does not meet their standards for being mobile-friendly will be at the bottom of their search results. Website designers everywhere have been scrambling ever since to redesign all their old website. Us included.

Google is really being assholes about this. If a person doesn’t want their site to be mobile-friendly, they shouldn’t be forced to do so, but….Google is the ruler of the entire internet kingdom, so what choice do we have?

For a site to be being mobile-friendly, it has to be built as a “responsive” site. Meaning it will respond and adjust itself no matter what device it is being viewed on. Of course, even a responsive site will lose a great deal at the size of a cell phone screen, but again, what can a person do? The entire world lives on mobile phones these days. So it’s comply or be dumped, basically.

For more information on our website design and updating, see here.

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