Graphic Design

An effective graphic designer has to know what is functional design vs just pretty design – there’s a huge difference. A nice, pretty graphic design is of no use to you if it doesn’t have what it takes to grab viewer attention or navigate potential customers where you want properly. Even worse, if it sends the wrong message or a negative message about your business. It has to be effective as well as look good.

We prefer to be called “Ad Designers”, at Redstone because we don’t just build a nice-looking graphic, but we know what it takes to make it work, grab viewer attention, create a call to action, and achieve your goals, otherwise, it’s just like the millions of other websites out there that look good but DO nothing; built by graphic designers who typically can create pretty art or ads but they don’t function, or have problems when the artwork is published or output by a commercial printer.

Need a business or sports team logo? Brochures, product packaging, business cards, posters, vehicle decals company T-shirts or uniforms, custom tablecloth designs, jackets with your logo, signs or banners for trade shows, farmer’s markets, school activities, non-profit fundraisers etc? We keep our overhead so low that all you pay for is good graphic design and customer service.

We can give any website, ad or promotional product a custom look that is unique to your business and only your business. If you look like everybody else, how will anybody remember you?

We can also do product photography for your ads, promotional products or website, or create something completely from digital art, such as the Road Knights ad to the right and the farmer’s market ad above, that ran in a local newspaper and are used every year for promo posters.

We picked all these images as a variety of styles we are capable of. If you are looking for something with a distinct style, please let us know, we can accommodate any taste or style

Contact us with your project idea and we will email an estimate to you. Or call 970-624-7066. Serving Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming or anywhere else via online.

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