What Can a Marketing Communications Specialist do for You?

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I know, you balk at hiring a marketing communications specialist because you believe they charge too much, nobody knows your business better than you, and you simply can’t afford one. Wrong.

You can’t afford NOT to have a marketing communications specialist or rather, your business cant’t afford it. Here’s why.

A marketing communications specialist’s job is to research and study and know everything there is to know about your type of customer – your market. Do you have time to do that? It is also their job to take that information and spin it into something that will generate interest in your business and produce potential revenue. Can you do that? Not many people can truthfully analyze a market and know just how to target it unless they are in the business of doing so. It takes hours and hours of research, years of experience in reading markets, and the knowhow to put the two together to be effective at social media networking, internet marketing and any type of communications period.

Why Can’t I Do My Own Marketing Communications?

For example, most business owners who attempt their own marketing communications post and publish stuff about what they just did, their latest special or latest product. That’s fine once in a while, but did you know that type of content is NOT the number one thing new potential customers look for in website content, blogs, social media posts or a business?
This is the number one mistake most business owners make: they think everyone is interested in their latest “deal.”  The thing is that specials are not what keeps consumers reading your content on a regular basis and it most certainly is not what wins over a new potential. Only loyal followers of your website and business give a hoot about your latest deal, and how many of loyals that follow you do you actually have? You know why? Because there are about 100 other “great deals” coming over their email every day and consumers are a fickle bunch.

Business owners are too close to their own needs, their own desires and their own thoughts of what makes a customer to market themselves effectively. They are always going to be guessing as to what their customer is looking for, searching for, purchasing.

A marketing communications specialist knows exactly what your potential customers are looking for, what drives them, inspires them, because they have done years and years of research on human behavior and will study your target market, read it well, and know exactly how to hit them where it counts. What will resonate with them the most, move them to action and to your business doorstep or website.

Enough About What You Can’t Do, Here’s What You Can do.

You’ve already tried doing your own marketing communications, and I’m guessing it hasn’t been that successful or this article would not have caught your eye. Therefore, you’ve tried doing your own thing, now try a professional marketing specialist and see how that works out for your business. If they are any good at all, you will see an increase in traffic, and increase in your market base and an increase in sales. If not, by all means, go back to doing it yourself. And by the way, look for a marketing communications specialist that will guarantee results. That qualification alone will eliminate the ones that are not good at their jobs. If they won’t guarantee results, that means they have little faith in their ability to do more than you were doing yourself.

Now…want to know why you shouldn’t be writing your own web content? Find out here.

Redstone Promotional Communications does just that: We promote and generate communication between you and your customers that brings more traffic to your door. We guarantee it.

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