Christmas Cards Make Great Promotional Tools

Personalized Christmas cards create goodwill and a lasting impact with your customer base. Sending digital cards for Christmas to your contacts is a great way to keep your name in front of established customers without looking like you are soliciting them and without spending a lot of money in printing costs and postage.

We can create an original Ecard for your company and automate the sending process so all you have to do is click a button to send a beautiful personal card to all of your business contacts. Contact us for more information or order using our online store: 970-624-7066.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your printed merchandise, please contact us and we will do everything we can to make it right. That means we will either reprint the order at no cost to you if the error was our fault, or we will work with you if the order error was an oversight on your part. We want you to be happy with every order and our customer service is our number one priority.


Vehicle Wraps / Decals

It used to be that if you wanted your vehicle to look this awesome, or unique, you had to pay thousands of dollars for a custom paint job. But, automotive decal materials have come a long way in the last 5 years, and now you can give your vehicle a custom look for as little as $100 to $200 dollars. If you could make your car look this unique and awesome for $100, would you do it? Heck yeah. Not only because it is the coolest thing ever, but because vehicle decals are a very effective and inexpensive form of advertising with a huge return on investment. In essence, they are a roaming billboard, and you would be hard-pressed to advertise anywhere for $100 these days, so why not take advantage of them? Plus, if it turns out you don’t like it or you are selling the vehicle, you can always remove decals, you can’t remove a custom paint job.

Our vehicle wraps and decals are weatherproof, high quality vinyl and ink with a UV protective coating added. On average, a vehicle decal can be expected to last about 5-6 years before it starts to fade or gets scratched up from weather. Depending on the climate where you live, and if you keep the vehicle in a garage, park it in the shade most of the time or not, will also determine how long your decals last. Sun is the most damaging force when it comes to decals.

2003mintVWbeetlePartial Vehicle Wraps vs Full Wraps:

You’ve probably seen them; cars or trucks that are one big decal, with the entire vehicle being covered with advertising, art and logos. We don’t necessarily recommend full vehicle wraps simply because they tend to blend into traffic more. Partial vehicle wraps tend to actually have more impact than full wraps because the design stand out from the vehicle more and the vehicle’s body shape is used to accentuate the artwork. In other words, when it comes to vehicle wraps, less is more. Automotive sign shops tend to go overboard with wraps and then they have the opposite effect of what is intended: to get your business noticed.

Also, we don’t usually recommend full vehicle wraps as they tend to crack over time.

How do You Get Started with a Vehicle Wrap?

First, you have to contact our design team and tell them what you are thinking about having done. Once a budget is set, that will determine how much decal work you can have done. If you do not have any ideas in mind as to how you want your vehicle to look, our automotive design team can certainly come up with some for you. Just send us copies of your logos and business information and we can send you 2-3 custom design ideas to choose from. Once your design is decided on, it will take at least 1-2 days to complete your vehicle wrap depending on how detailed the project is. So be prepared to be without your vehicle for at least 1-2 days.
vehicle decals

We will also require that you drop your vehicle off at our shop, so please arrange for transportation back to your home or office after you drop off your vehicle. To get started, please contact us with your vehicle decal project ideas and we can email a bid to you.

New Promotional Products for 2016

Here’s just a few of the HOTTEST NEW promo products we are offering for 2016.

storage water bottle


Water bottles with storage compartments.

How many times do you need some place to put your keys and phone when jogging, in class or going for a day hike, walk or drive?

This sports bottle is waterproof too, so if you drop it in the lake while boating, it will float and protect your valuables.

Businesses can put your logo imprint on it as well.

We have many styles at many price ranges. Contact us if you are interested and we can email you some product pics and pricing.

Get one for your kid for school with their name on it. Great for college kids.


exercise resistor strips and bandsExercise resister strips and bands.

Put your business logo or slogan on something fitness people use all the time. Resister bands and strips are the latest rage in portable exercise equipment people can use in the office or at home.



cell phone stand,wallet, earplugs


Cellphone stand, wallet and ear plug storage in one. These are so inexpensive you won’t believe it. Just 3.99 with your logo imprint. Give them away as promotional gifts. They will be used by your recipients for everyday convenience and they may even ask you if they can buy more from you. We’ve had people ask us where they can buy these handy gadgets.

If you are looking for something cheaper yet, we have several cute varieties of cell phone stands that make great give-aways as well.

How to Achieve Insane Productivity

How to Achieve Insane Productivity.

by Redstone Promotional Communications

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” – Tony Robbins

Sources of Productive Strength or Weakness:

1. Emotions

2. Health

3. Mindfulness

4. Spirit Connection

business_woman_pinching_foreheadEmotions: I’m sure you are all well aware that if you feel depressed, you are not going to accomplish much that day. Some people have the amazing ability to “leave it at home.” Whatever is bothering them, they are still able to focus on getting their work done. The key word here is “focus.” We all have problems we are dealing with in our personal lives, but you know what, they will still be there when you get done with your work and then that is the time to focus your mind on those parts of your life.

Health: Physical health can make or break your productivity mostly because your physical health affects your mental well-being as well. The two go hand in hand. So to function at your maximum ability level, you have to have a healthy mind and body.

Mindfulness: Is the practice of staying in the present moment. In terms of productivity, it means focusing on one task at a time. Finish the task in front of you before moving on to the next task on your list. Prioritize in the morning which tasks have to be done that day and which can wait. So much for multi-tasking. People are actually starting to realize that when you multi-task, you end up getting less done and what you do get done you don’t do very well because you are always thinking 2-3 steps ahead of yourself.

Spirit Connection: This means being in tune with your inner self. What your strengths and weaknesses are, finding peace and being at peace with who you are and what you have to do will clear your mind and be the greatest tool you have to accomplish productivity. A clear mind, a mind that is at peace, can accomplish incredible tasks because it is free to look at a situation and instantly figure out the best solution. You can be so much more efficient with your problem solving and task management if your mind is clear. Try it, you will be amazed.

Tools for Insane Productivity:

1. Prioritize

2. Schedule

3. Efficiency

4. Down Time

stack-of-papersSchedule and Prioritize: There are only a few things in a day that absolutely MUST be done that day, the rest can wait. We tend to defeat our productivity levels right off the bat by letting the feeling of being overwhelmed prevent us from moving forward and getting anything done. What task management is all about is prioritizing. If something you have to do gets pushed back a whole month, so be it, it must not be that important anyway. So for the moment, let it go so you can focus on what absolutely has to be done today.

Set up your work week. On Monday, make a physical note, either write it down or put it in your smartphone, of what you plan to accomplish each day of the week. With all of today’s handy gadgets, take advantage of your electronic and digital tools to really make your life more efficient. Make a “to-do-today” list for yourself. Once you write down your task schedule, you can forget about it, and your mind is freed up to focus on accomplishing those tasks instead of trying to remember everything you have to do. Trying to remember things takes up a tremendous amount of brain power and effort.

Being Sidetracked: Being the manager of a busy graphics department, I was bombarded with interruptions all day long. It was extremely difficult not to get sidetracked and to stay focused on what I needed to get done rather than fixing everybody else’s problems. If you have a job like this, where distractions and interruptions are constantly a factor, keeping a cool head is the only way to accomplish anything. If you get frustrated by the constant interruptions, get easily sidetracked from your daily goals, and part of your job is handling such interruptions, then you must find a way to tell yourself, “Okay, what’s more important? What I have to get done, or dealing with these other issues? Again, even in this situation, prioritization will be the only thing that keeps you sane. If you get overwhelmed with everybody coming to you with their demands, you will get that sinking feeling again of not being able to accomplish what you set out to. And if your plans get foiled, you have to ease up on your goals for that day. You have to tell yourself you may not get everything on your task list done today. And that’s okay. It will be there tomorrow. Just prioritize every interruption or demand as it comes to you, and focus on what needs to be dealt with that moment, and then move on.

Being Efficient: You’ve heard the saying, “Work smart not harder?” Well it’s true for efficiency as well. If you work efficiently, you will automatically be working smarter not harder. The key to being efficient is what we already mentioned above about scheduling and prioritizing as well as finding a rhythm, your grove, to instill a set of steps that work for you. People hate to do the same thing over and over again, but the fact remains, this is the most efficient way to do things. The very principle behind the assembly line invented by Henry Ford was to make the worker more efficient, by only giving him/her a few tasks to do, that had to be done in a certain order, in certain steps, with certain procedures. You find a pace and method of completing your work tasks that allows you to do them the quickest and best way possible; then you keep doing it that way. This may involve some trial and error, until you find a routine that is the ultimate way to accomplish what you need done. But once you experiment and find that niche, you will eventually be able to do it blindfolded; which makes you the most efficient person at doing your job. If you start to get really bored and find yourself zoning out because your job is a little too routine, find other things in your life to mix it up a bit, but don’t mess with your routine that works. Because, this stead-fast and efficient routine will allow you to have the time to focus on and do other things in your life that are more important to you. If you complete all your morning tasks, treat yourself to going out of work for lunch, or a walk, or to sit and relax in a park.

Down Time: Is an important part of effective up time. You must have time to recharge your batteries, this is a crucial part of being more creative, more efficient, more productive. Once you start to work more efficiently and productively, you will find work life so much more pleasurable and you will automatically start to implement the same attitudes and work ethic into your personal life as well. Eventually the goal is to set up a lifestyle you don’t feel you have to take a vacation from, just to enjoy 2 weeks of your life a year. You will have more free time, more relaxation time, more contemplative time throughout the year. Then…reward yourself for a job well done. Use that free time from your insane productivity to do the things you love on a daily basis: Sit and have coffee with a friend, or lunch, read a book, take yoga, listen to music. Whatever floats your boat.

Honey Labels

Honey jars can come in all shapes and sizes. If you are a beekeeper looking for labels for your honey jars, we have several designs already created to choose from that specifically fit various sizes of mason jars or canning jars, just add your personal information. Or, we can create your very own unique branding look and feel.

Contact us for a custom design, or order our pre-designed labels here.

Responsive Web Design

Is your website mobile-compliant?

Last year Google announced that any website that does not meet their standards for being mobile-friendly will be at the bottom of their search results. Website designers everywhere have been scrambling ever since to redesign all their old website. Us included.

Google is really being assholes about this. If a person doesn’t want their site to be mobile-friendly, they shouldn’t be forced to do so, but….Google is the ruler of the entire internet kingdom, so what choice do we have?

For a site to be being mobile-friendly, it has to be built as a “responsive” site. Meaning it will respond and adjust itself no matter what device it is being viewed on. Of course, even a responsive site will lose a great deal at the size of a cell phone screen, but again, what can a person do? The entire world lives on mobile phones these days. So it’s comply or be dumped, basically.

For more information on our website design and updating, see here.

Farmer’s Market Promo Kits

We give special pricing to farmer’s market vendors as a way to show we appreciate what they do and to offer them our support to help their farming business grow.

Our farmer’s market kits make great starter packages or replacement packages. You can even customize these for your needs.

9637996290_NwvXwFarmer’s Market Starter Kit:

  • 500 business cards for $9.99
  • One custom designed 2′ x 4 ‘ full color vinyl weatherproof banner for $11.99
  • 500 Custom printed paper shopping bags for $0.59 each

Farmer’s Market Deluxe Kit:

All of the above plus…

  • Medium size custom printed tablecloth with logo on the long side that hangs down for $69 each.
  • Full color trifold brochures or price lists to hand out. 500 for $0.25 each.

Or….Make up Your Own Kit:

Mix and match the options above, or tell us what you need and we will give you a good price.

To qualify for farmer’s market special pricing, you must provide us with your vendor name, the market you participate in and what days you are there. We will verify this information with the market manager.

To order your kit or customize your own, contact us.