Why Use Promotional Products?

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whypromo You can’t get that from an online PPC ad. And if you are savvy about the promotional products you use and how you use them, their return on investment can be up to 100% depending on the cost of your average sale. If you are a hardwood flooring company and you charge on average about $500 or more per job, then spending $50 on products that sell your name is nothing. All you have to do is land one job to more than pay for the cost of your promotional product campaign. Well worth the investment.

Unlike online PPC ads, promotional products put something physical and memorable directly in the hands of your potential customers. It may not generate a call the day they receive it, but it might a couple weeks or months later. Promotional products are advertising dollars better spent than on online ads because they are a product which lasts much longer. The average internet user is only on a website about 5 minutes and usually only return to a website 1-2 times a year. That leaves a lot of days of the year that your name is not in front of them.

But say you have your logo printed on a free coffee cup, laptop case, baseball cap, can cooler. They will see your name for the lifetime of that product, and most tangible goods last a minimum of 2-5 years. If you have your logo printed on a very useful item – something the recipient will get a great deal of use from – that’s a lot of exposure for a one-time print fee. Well above the ROI for online pay per click ads.

There’s also the potential that the initial recipient of a promotional product will pass it on to someone else, thus doing your advertising for you. Drinkware, pens, office products, notepads etc are passed along quite often from one person to another.

tote bags1Then….there’s making yourself and your employees a walking, driving billboard for next to no investment at all. Vehicle decals will advertising for you everywhere you go and that kind of exposure for the cost of just a couple window decals or van decals is one of the best kept secrets of promotion. There are also shirts with your logo, jackets, hats that advertise for you for free every time your wear them out and about. Also for a fraction of the price of a newspaper ad or internet ad which is there today, gone tomorrow, or next week, and then it’s done.

The average cost of a one-time 3×4 newspaper ad these days is around $700. Do you know what you can do with $700 worth of promotional products? A lot! That’s 50 shirts with your logo on them, or 2 vehicle decals, or tons of small give-away items like USB car chargers, travel mugs, water bottles etc that will last a heck of a lot longer than that one-time newspaper ad.

And pay per click (PPC) ads? If you have tried them, then you know that you get mostly spammers and scammers from them and very, very few actual customers. Yes, they are cheap, but cost effective? Not really. You end up paying for people hitting on your ad who are not even interested in what you are offering, they just want to spam your business.

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