Stop Apples from Turning Brown

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How to Stop Fruit like Apples, Bananas from Turning Brown.

When making apple dishes or preserving apples, the first challenge is how do you stop them from turning brown and preserve their nice, white color. A very simple and easy technique will keep your apple preserves, salads and other desserts looking as fresh as when the apples were just sliced.

As you can see by our photo, apples will turn brown the minute air hits them. The apple core on the corer is already turning brown seconds after we sliced an apple. However, the slices in the bowl with the secret ingredient are nice and white and even after we put them on the dehydrator, the flesh is still nice and white. And it will stay that way indefinitely. The secret ingredient? Vitamin C powder.

Vitamin C powder and ascorbic acid are the same thing, and is used as a preservative in many commercial foods. When canning and making any kind of preserves, it is invaluable for preserving the color of foods that turn brown; not just apples, but bananas and any food that turns brown when exposed to air.

dehydrating applesHow to use Vitamin C as a preservative to prevent fruit from browning.

If you can buy Vitamin C in powder form, do what I do and keep it in a jar with a lid in your cupboard and use it just for such occasions as canning, dehydrating and making desserts. It doesn’t take much vitamin C powder to do the trick. If you can’t get it in powder form, you can crush up vitamin C supplements into a powder and use it that way. It’s not as convenient as the powder when you are making large batches of fruit for canning purposes, but it works just as well.

For Dehydrated Apple and Banana Chips:

Mix 1/2 tsp Vitamin C powder in about 2 cups of water in a bowl. Dip each piece of fruit into the C water for a second, coat both sides well, shake off lightly and use according to recipes or place on your dehydrator racks as is.

If your apples have already started to brown, sometimes just dunking them in this vitamin C wash will reverse it. No kidding.

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