Make Your Own Powdered Sugar not From a Plastic Bag.


Powdered sugar is one of those processed ingredients that absorbs a lot of the plastic taste and toxins from the plastic bag it is always packaged in. This recipe makes a good substitute.

1 Tbsp of cornstarch per 1 cup of either evaporated cane juice/sugar packaged in a paper bag, or Rapadura sugar in a box. You can also use granulated honey or maple syrup for a unique flavor. And ground, organic arrowroot powder, which is an herbal root, instead of corn starch. The arrowroot doesn’t taste any different, but if you are concerned about eating GMO corn, arrowroot is a good alternative that you don’t have to worry about being GMO, as of this publication.

Mix the two together well and use in recipes that call for powdered sugar. Keep in a glass jar with a lid. If you like it a bit more powdery or fine, follow the tip below.

Blend or grind until powdered. Blend or grind for 30–40 seconds, then take a look at the result. Repeat until powder flies up into the blender, and there are no visible crystals (usually 1–3 minutes total blending time). Leave the blender or spice grinder closed until the dust settles.

  • Blending too long without pause may burn the sugar.
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