Homemade Rose Hip Iced Tea – Tastes just like Lipton’s

rose hip tea with lemon

Nothing says summer like iced tea. Some herbal teas are not that refreshing, but this one will quench your thirst because of the lemon and rose hips. And…we kid you not, this tea recipe tastes just like Lipton’s instant iced tea – only slightly better and without all the preservatives and processing.

Most people never think of making anything out of rose hips, but they should. They taste better than they sound when used in certain things, such as teas. If you like the taste of hibiscus, you will like the taste of rose hips; they are very similar. A light, tangy, citrus flavor. Makes excellent sun tea as well.

rose hips4 Tbsp dreid rosehips

2 slices fresh lemon, remove rind

4-5 Tbsp honey

2 cups boiling water -preferably filtered or distilled

2 cups cold water – filtered or distilled (or can use ice cubes)

Pour the 2 cups boiling water over the ingredients in a large jar with a lid. Let steep for several hours or overnight. When ready to serve, the mixture will be like a thick syrup, so thin it out with the remaining cold water or add ice cubes to your glass and pour this refreshing iced tea over the top.

You can purchased dried rosehips in bulk from may herbal resellers online or in some health stores. It is best if they are fresh, and if you are lucky enough to grow enough of your own roses, any rosehips will work. Pick them in the fall, dry them, then grind them in a coffee grinder and keep for hot or cold tea. Yummy and full of vitamin C, natural collagen and flavor.



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