How to use our Online Recipe Book


How to Use Our Online Cookbook

“The healthiest, most informative, cookbook online.”

Our recipes are designed to help people transition away from processed foods or just eat healthier while still fitting into their busy schedules. All of our recipes are tested before they are published and we have to think they are absolutely scrumptious, and fairly quick to make, before they get our approval. Many of our recipes are heirlooms handed down for generations, some are difficult to even find anymore, but all are designed with the utmost health and time-saving in mind.

We also include many recipes that are for making your own non-processed ingredients and otherwise-prepackaged foods from scratch, such as how to make your own crackers, whipping cream, marshmallows, cereals, cheese, soda alternatives and many other foods from scratch as well as how to preserve your own foods without chemicals. We have a “Homesteading” category for those of you who want to live off the land and need some tips or creative information to help you make it happen.




We keep all of our recipes archived and categorized on this site for you so you can reference them any time you want in just a couple clicks on any mobile device. You can look up any recipe just by doing a search for it or by adding them to your Online Recipe Box by simply clicking the “add to favorites” button at the bottom of every recipe. Then go to your “My Favorite Recipes” page to find a list of all your most favorite dishes with links to the recipes.


No printing out recipes. No digging through cookbooks. It’s all right here for you to access anytime you like. Your favorite healthy recipes are just a couple clicks away any time you want them.

recipe-of-month logoEvery month we add a new recipe-of-the-month. If you sign up with our Recipe Club by clicking “Follow us“, we will automatically send you our Recipe of the Month and Special Edition Pages such as our Holiday Recipes and pages like our Chocolate Lover’s Page. You will also be alerted to FDA food health alerts as we get them.

You can bookmark this website page so you can pull it up on your cell phone, tablet, laptop or any other device to get ingredients for a dish while you are shopping or deciding what to make for dinner or to take our archived online recipe book to the kitchen with you. 

So let’s get cooking for the health of it!

Ask a Nutritionist: Stumped about something or looking for nutrition advice for diabetics, loosing weight, decreasing inflammation etc. We now have a special page where you can ask our Certified Nutritional Expert questions.

Sponsor a Recipe. Advertisers can sponsor a recipe and have your logo and link added to the bottom of any recipe. Recipes get shared, printed, saved and circulate the web for years. See our main website to contact us for details.


Technically, a truly “non-processed” diet would be eating completely raw foods with no cooking whatsoever, or what some people call a macrobiotic diet. However, understanding that 90% of the human race is not accustomed to eating or thinking raw food diets because we were all raised on cooked foods for generations, we offer traditional recipes made healthier and less processed by using as few ingredients as possible that contain preservatives, refined or processed boxed or canned ingredients, and that are GMO-free and organic. AND…for those of you who are a bit more advanced in truly non-processed raw food diets (or macrobiotic diets) or those of you who seek to recondition your palettes and your minds to the healthiest possible lifestyle, we offer a “RAW DIET VERSION” of most recipes, where applicable, at the bottom of the traditional recipes, as well as a separate “Raw Diet” Category. We also have articles and pages to educate and inform people on nutrition and non-processed eating for those looking to make the transition to a regenerative way of living because it all goes hand in hand if you want to achieve optimum health.

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