About the BGG

skyscraprgreenfadeThe Businesses for the Greater Good (BGG) is an association and network founded by Redstone Promotional Communications of businesses participating in the positive growth of social, economic, environmental, health and political change for the greater good.

Business members benefit from discounts on promotional products, advertising and marketing services as well as improving their public image by being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. The association is designed to bring businesses together to provide resources to help businesses on their path toward being more sustainable as well as giving greener businesses more exposure and credentials with the public and their customers. Every little bit helps, more exposure and credentials certainly doesn’t hurt. The best part is, it’s FREE to join the BGG and get certified as a BGG business! This may soon change, so don’t delay.

Consumers benefit by looking for the BGG badge on websites and using the Local Pages and business write-ups to help them find businesses they can feel good about supporting. To learn more>