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Marketing for Small Businesses

“It’s better to be a BIG fish in a small pond than a LITTLE fish in a big pond.” Or a little fish in the HUGE internet pond.

Small businesses have an even greater challenge than they did just 20 years ago. Today, any serious business needs an “internet marketing specialist” just to keep up with their competition, and all the big businesses on Facebook have people sitting around all day doing nothing but promoting them on all the social networking sites.

The “Little Guys” tend to fall through the cracks on the internet. Digital promotion and ads are definitely geared toward the big fish who have a great deal of money to throw at it. So how does a small business compete?

You don’t. Don’t even try to compete with the big businesses online in the realm of advertising and social networking. You can’t; and you will be wasting a lot of money trying. Small businesses have to find their own niche, not try to go after the same market the sharks are in. You’ll get eaten alive.

Our marketing team has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in what works for small businesses and what doesn’t. In that time, we have seen it all, and know just how to swim with the big guys, or more like, find your own pond.We have marketing, advertising and networking packages to fit any small business budget.

Contact Redstone and discuss your business goals with one of our Advertising Design Consultants.They also handle marketing for small businesses. No obligation, no high-pressured sales tactics. Just good, sound advice that has been working for years. ADVICE IS FREE!