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Koozie Project

printed can coolerCan cooler, or koozies, are an inexpensive and fun promotional product that will be around a long time.

We did a fun can cooler recently for ZGL Landscaping for their 10 year anniversary pig roast. These are neoprene instead of the usual foam. The difference is neoprene will keep your beverages much cooler for longer because it has more insulating quality than foam can coolers.

On 2015-07-28 at by Zak George Landscaping.
“We had Redstone create a custom koozie design based on a bad quality image I sent to them. They did a wonderful job at going above and beyond my expectations for creating a design that works with what we had visioned and still looked awesome! I will definitely recommend this company to anyone!”

Graphic Design

Logo design, labels and product packaging, apparel designs, brochures, signs; if you can think it up, we can design it. Or…we’ll think it up and all you have to do is give us some idea what you want and we’ll create an original design that represents your business and future goals.


Website Design

Besides making sure a website is now mobile-compliant to meet Google’s requirements, an effective website is about a whole lot more than design. It can’t just be pretty, it has to function as well. Are you familiar with SEO, CSS, CMS, algorithms, viewport meta tags and a whole slew of functions necessary for a website to actually “work” and not just sit there doing nothing?
Not to mention…..your site will be just one in literally billions. Do you know what it takes to stand out from the crowd? DiY websites cannot help you with any of that.

On 2015-07-28 at by K. Kemp.
“Wasn’t sure what we wanted for our website, but you guided us through the process like pros. Our site exceeds our expectations and your professional staff was very understanding of the fact that we are not very computer savvy. We would highly recommend using Redstone for website design and we look forward to using you for shirts and vehicle decals in the very near future.”  ~ Kevin.