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The Barn Thrift Stores

This was a very interesting marketing project. One of the volunteer at The Barn Thrift Stores in New York had a very unique project. She converted an old phone booth into a recycled book booth. It is known as the tiniest library. Read the article we wrote about it here which is now on our Businesses for the Greater Good Page. And if you live in New York, The Barn has several thrift store locations also mentioned in the article.


“Thank you (a Redstone publication) for a wonderful article and for Judith’s wonderful quote about how “The Barn” functions and really gives back to the community. Living and giving should be on the lips for everyone and your great website offers so many ways to enjoy and help others…thank you.” ~Claudia Cooley, The Barn Thrift Shop, New York.

Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center

About 3 years ago we did some promotion / marketing for the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center in Wyoming. We love promoting nonprofits that need a little boost. If you ever get the chance to get up that way and take a tour, we highly recommend it.


“Thank you Redstone! (Through our Circkles Magazine)

I just read the article and it looks great. I created our page so that I can post upcoming events, or whatever. Our president came in and is happy about this too! I had to copy it for him! We want to thank you so much for taking the time to do this article for the Pryor Mountain wild Mustang Center!”
Sincerely, Lori


“I think in the 7 to 8 years we’ve been in this business you have been the only one to pick up on our glass packaging and why we use it. Its a critical element in providing a holistic, healthy line and we just don’t get why others don’t do it. It doesn’t make sense to have an amazing line and have it leached with poisons by the time it gets in their clients hands. Anyway, thanks for being on board with something that’s so important to us!

Great article. Thank you!”
Megan, Australian Scents,NY

Bee Scarf

beescarfKnitted bee-striped scarf with an embroidered bee on each end. Heavy knit, long, warm scarf for cold blistery days when the bees are nestled in their hives. Each purchase donates 10% to our Sponsor a Beehive project. Makes great Christmas gifts. Very original and supports a good cause at the same time so they are a gift you can feel good about and so will your recipients.

Tote Bags

bluespringtoteTote bags are like mini billboards. People use them for hauling around a lot of things, not just groceries. They use them to put books in, clothes, food, they take them to work to put their daily needs in like their lunch. Tote bags are not thrown away until they fall apart because people can always find a use for them.2girlstote

Koozie Project

printed can coolerCan cooler, or koozies, are an inexpensive and fun promotional product that will be around a long time.

We did a fun can cooler recently for ZGL Landscaping for their 10 year anniversary pig roast. These are neoprene instead of the usual foam. The difference is neoprene will keep your beverages much cooler for longer because it has more insulating quality than foam can coolers.

On 2015-07-28 at by Zak George Landscaping.
“We had Redstone create a custom koozie design based on a bad quality image I sent to them. They did a wonderful job at going above and beyond my expectations for creating a design that works with what we had visioned and still looked awesome! I will definitely recommend this company to anyone!”

Promotional Communications

We call our business “Redstone Promotional Communications” because it encompasses not just promotional products, but anything that communicates your message to the world. Including advertising, marketing, branding, networking etc. If you need to communicate to a consumer public, you need promotional communications of all kinds: print, digital, advertising, marketing and design.