Dynamic Presentations

Presentations have certainly come a long way since the day of overhead and slide projectors. Back in those days, the most exciting thing you could do with your presentation material was to light it on fire. But seriously, other than adding strong color themes or vibrant images, there wasn’t much you could do “in the old days” to pump up a presentation. And now, with the Generation Xers, and the fact that everyone would rather watch a video than read a book, video and PowerPoint presentations are the tools of today.

Be it PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides, we can create a video or slide presentation for your business presentation needs. We can also do all the photography to customize your presentation and taylor it specifically to your company and add audio and dynamic elements to keep things interesting.

What does “Dynamic” mean. In the design world, it means a page or design does not just sit there and be “static.” It has moving elements, or what designers call animation, to keep it exciting. The last thing you want during your PowerPoint presentation is to hear snoring from a seat in your audience.

Which type of presentation tool you decide to use is mostly determined by who your audience is. You probably know who your audience is, but do you really know them regarding the most effective way to reach them? Knowing what motivates your audience or moves them to agree with your message is all about market research. Having some market research knowledge when it comes to design is a big plus. And guess what? Redstone does their homework when it comes to analyzing markets in order to design effective tools for your business.

Below is a larger version of the PowerPoint / Keynote basic presentation to the right of this page in the sidebar so you can see the dynamic elements better. You may notice that there is also a flipbook sample to the right of this page. Flipbooks, or virtual books, are another interesting way to present something. For more on corporate presentation design and Redstone tools you can chose from, refer to our recent post.